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About Us

Teleflora guarantees that 100% of our orders are fulfilled by local professional florists. We're dedicated to creating sales through innovative marketing, merchandising, and technology. We work hand in hand with florists to make sure they have what they need to grow their business profitably and sustainably. And by supporting local businesses, we strengthen entire communities. That's the Teleflora difference.

The Teleflora Difference-it's not just talk.

There are plenty of reasons why Teleflora is the only partner you need.

The Dove Network: The largest communications network and best coverage in the industry providing more endpoints than any other wire service.

Teleflora's Member Directory: Generates millions of orders a year for our members while helping to market them year-round.

Teleflora Containers: From the company that created "flowers-in-a-gift," Teleflora offers unique keepsake products that create more demand for flowers and inspire customers to visit your shop.

Flowerbuyer.com: Flowerbuyer.com is the largest online wholesale flower website. Working with over 200 growers around the world, Flowerbuyer offers discounted flowers using a variety of innovative purchasing methods.

eFlorist.com: The industry's leading web hosting and marketing program offering florists a simple, affordable way to capture their part of the growing online flower business with the most robust, secure online purchasing capability available.

Design & Education: Teleflora offers the industry's only professional education center for florists covering a wide range of material from mechanics, pricing, merchandising and business management. [See the Oklahoma Education Center]. Teleflora also offers the only Unit Programs in the industry that provide industry-leading training and networking opportunities.

Holiday and Bridal Co-op: Teleflora invests millions of dollars in national advertising to promote products during key holiday periods in prominent national magazines and coupon vehicles.

Marketing Support: Professionally prepared sales pieces from calendars to seasonal floral guides allow customers to browse at their leisure, driving orders to you.

myteleflora.com: Teleflora's membership website is the best place for members to access up-to-date information on Teleflora products and services including immediate access to credit card and eFlorist statistics, technology webinars, online bill payment and much more.

Technology Products: The industry's best technology products, including the award-winning Dove POS, designed to automate all of your transactions, increase productivity and profitability while building relationships with your customers through effective marketing programs.

findaflorist.com: Teleflora's industry-leading consumer online florist directory with over 225,000 flower buyers a month generating 100% orders for you and keeping thousands of orders within the industry which might have been lost to competitors with non-floral products.

Credit Card Processing: Teleflora offers an easy-to-understand, 0% credit card plan created exclusively for florists which provides the benefits you need at minimal cost.

Teleflora International: Teleflora's international program provides the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective and reliable international delivery service in the industry.

24 Hour Flowers: Teleflora's affordable, hassle-free service allows you to answer your phone, even when you're busy.